What is Software Localisation?

With the development of a truly global economy, software localisation has become essential for selling products and services to different countries and across many different cultures. Software localisation is the process of adapting a software product to the linguistic, cultural and technical requirements of a target market. This process is labour-intensive and often requires a significant amount of time from the development teams.

TRANSLIT can help you find the best process and tools for the localisation of your software applications. Our company offers a comprehensive approach to help you overcome cultural barriers for your products to reach a much larger target audience.

software localisation

We provide a complete software localisation service from start to finish. We can offer translation of the following Coding Languages

  • HTML
  • XML
  • PHP
  • VB
  • Java
  • String Tables
  • Binary Files: DLL, EXE

We translate and localise your software for:

  • Computing
  • Gaming
  • PC Programmes
  • Education Materials

As a company, we currently work with almost 200 translators and interpreters from all over the world thereby assuring translation into over 70 languages at a native level. Did we get your attention? Please fill the contact form below, and we will contact you at your convenience to discuss your project. No hidden fees, no obligations just a friendly call or email.

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