Document Translation

Documents translation is a need that is arising due to the globalisation and multilingual character of today’s trade.  We provide different type of documents translation: manuals, instructions, specifications, training manuals and other types of documentation.

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Legal Translation

Legal translation relates to court documentation, agreements, decisions, insurance policies, power of attorneys, etc. It has to be provided by translators with extensive experience in that field.

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Sworn Translation

A sworn translation allows you to keep the legal nature of your documents in certain countries. At TRANSLIT, we have numerous sworn translators in various languages at our disposal to provide the best services as possible.

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Technical Translation

Technical Translation is the translation of texts that contain a high number of technical or specialized terms, which is used only within a particular profession, or describe that profession in great detail.

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Text Translation

At TRANSLIT we can provide translation for all texts, from a simple letter to a complex court decision or technical documentation.

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Medical Translation

Medical translation requires a high level of accuracy as it deals with health matters. Medical translations are among the strictly professional and responsible translations. The process of performing this type of translation requires that translators and proofreaders involved have not only an excellent knowledge of a foreign language, but also a thorough knowledge and practice in the field of medical science relating to the subject.

Website Translation

In order to reach a broader market it is essential to translate your company website into foreign languages. That simple act allows you to expand and gain new prospective clients. The range of the website is only as broad as the diversity of the languages contained on it. In order to enable the overseas expansion of your company we provide professional multilingual solutions for your website.

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Software Translation

Translating software may look simple but it can be difficult as it includes maintaining texts for different versions of software in parallel. TRANSLIT offers software translation for most major languages. This type of translation accommodates software products to the various specific linguistic characteristics of a target language.

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Book Translation

The translation of a book is unique as the translator must be aware of not only the language but also with literature styles and bee able to keep the original tone of the book. We understand how essential it is to hire the highest class translators in order to translate a book. That is why we can provide book translators specific to your needs and meeting all the criteria dictated by the type of translation you are seeking.

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Poetry Translation

Poetry translation is an art in itself.  There are few specifics to it as the words and grammar of each language is different. Generally speaking, there are numerous methods to translate texts, but not all of them are suitable to use in poetry translation.

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Proofreading and editing are services provided by TRANSLIT in order to help you in the process of translation. Save time and money and use our services.If you did the translation yourself and wish to have it checked for errors, we can help.
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TRANSLIT provides professional services of interpreters in numerous languages such as Polish, Russian, Latvian, Lithuanian, French, Spanish, Italian, Hindi, Pashto and more.

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Desktop Publishing known as DTP and Typesetting are services associated with translation which will ensure that your commercial message aimed to multilingual and multinational markets will be clear and consistent with the one in the primary language.

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