Proofreading and editing are services provided by TRANSLIT in order to help you in the process of translation. Save time and money and use our services. If you did the translation yourself and wish to have it checked for errors, we can help.

The added value of that service is the fact that there is no need for you to pay the full price for the translation and that is why this way you save both time and money.


Proofreading includes:

  • Typographical Errors
  • Grammatical Mistakes
  • Run-On Sentences
  • Punctuation & Quotation Marks
  • Subject-Verb Disagreements
  • Sentence Fragments and Lengths
  • Spelling
  • Apostrophes
  • Comma Usage and Splices
  • Capitalisation
  • Tenses
  • Structure and Theme
  • Organisation
  • Audience Appropriateness

Proofreading can be a very useful service both for individuals or business partners. It can make your CV look much more competent, help you with communicating with other nationalities, write consistent cover letter or if you are an owner of a company it provides that your business proposal looks accurate, fully professional and will create a positive, lasting impression. Our team of highly experienced freelancers will ensure the highest quality level of the project. The procedure of the proofreading  consist few levels of the check to provide the most accurate service to our clients. While proofreading we use only native speakers in order to ensure the correct form of translation.

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