What is Legal Translation?

Legal Translation

Legal translation relates to court documentation, agreements, decisions, insurance policies, power of attorneys, etc. Legal terminology is vast and complex with certain terms that exist in one language not being present in another language. It has to be provided by translators with extensive experience in that field.

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TRANSLIT offers extensive legal translation for international litigation, suits, appeals, dispute resolution, legal agreements, patents, contractual matters, competition law matters, commercial documents, mergers and acquisitions, notarial deeds, memorandums, power of attorney, insurance policies, and many more.

We also provide precise translations in the areas of copyright law, civil, labour, corporate, administrative proceedings (such as translation of the order, decision, appeal), financial law and tax, business law, criminal (including misconduct, prison), international law, commercial and more.

Legal translation is one of the most specific types of translations. It is very important to provide precise translations. We are aware that financial and legal translations require knowledge of not only the professional terminology, but also of the source and target languages. That is why TRANSLIT cooperates only with translators that specialise in legal translations and have extensive experience in that field. As a company, we currently work with almost 200 translators and interpreters from all over the world thereby assuring translation into over 70 languages at a native level.

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