, Ireland

Job Title
Business Development Administrator - internship
USD 0 - USD 0 One Time
Office time
, Ireland
Job Type
Full Time
30 June, 2020

Company Description

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TRANSLIT (translation + IT) is a Complete Language Solutions Provider offering fast, high quality and cost effective services on demand. We are an ISO 9001 & 17100 certified company, but, most importantly, a dynamic and determined team with two offices in Ireland (Cork, Limerick) and staff all around the globe!

Our mission is to remove language barriers so that humans across the globe could be able to communicate and understand each other. We aim to open the world of languages to everyone with a team of highly-skilled experts and supported by new technologies. TRANSLIT’s professional team will cater to all of your translation and interpreting needs while ensuring that the highest standards will always be met.

Facts & numbers: 

  • 11+ years of professional experience in the market
  • 15,000+ satisfied customers (96+% customer satisfaction ratio)
  • 100+ languages used
  • 20+ million words translated
  • 30,000 interpreting hours delivered
  • 3,000+ translators and interpreters in our network
  • The highest NPS in Ireland
  • Attracted investments for a successful development and launch of a unique platform for interpreting services -

Why us? 

At TRANSLIT, we harness the power of new technologies and human powerful talent to help businesses and individuals communicate their message to different target audiences across the globe, no matter the language, or whether it is through written or spoken word, on their website or any customised software. 

TRANSLIT aims to go above and beyond to help people understand each other, break language barriers, and prevent conflicts by bringing them closer together and enabling effective communication between them to give them the power to build new towers and drive human potential onwards to its highest level. 

TRANSLIT as an employer

We believe in every single team member and, therefore, welcome highly talented people who are experts in their field and feel passionate about what they do, constantly looking for improvements and innovation. 

We challenge. We do not give ‘easy’ jobs - instead, we provide countless opportunities for challenge, growth and development. TRANSLIT is about tight deadlines, numerous projects and lots of tasks. This way has proven to be the most efficient to discover your hidden talent and boost your potential. 

We care. Every single employee is surrounded by care and support, as we know how essential teamspirit is for our members. TRANSLIT is a family.

Our people is our main value, so we pay attention to keep our staff motivated, success-driven, solution-oriented and caring.

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  • sales
  • Communication
  • customer service

So If You Are Someone Who Has

Internship Description

TRANSLIT is an ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 certified Language Service Provider specialising in Interpreting, Translation and Localisation helping businesses and individuals to communicate their message in any language using the latest technology. With a team of 800+ translators and interpreters and operating from 3

office locations in Ireland, TRANSLIT can handle projects with tight deadlines and high output volume in 70+


In our company we do not provide places to do the internship – we give an opportunity to get a great

background for your future professional development. TRANSLIT team is a unit of people who love what they

do and are ready to help you grow as a professional. We contribute our energy to every single intern, willing

them to improve his own performance and company results.


Business Development Administrator


Sales, Business Development


This is an unpaid internship. The payment is assumed by educational institution, scholarship fund or an Intern

themselves. The company may decide at its own discretion to pay the Intern some bonuses relating to their

performance and achievements in a form of pocket expenses (e.g. public transport and lunches).

Accommodation will not be provided, but the company can assist in arranging it. The Intern will have to have

reasonable finances for a stay in Ireland during the Internship period.


The Intern should provide a sample agreement from their educational institution or authority paying for the

scholarship. If the Intern is applying directly, the company will send its own agreement to sign.


The Organisation will assign a mentor to support the Intern during the Internship.

Required skills:

- Communication skills: the Intern will be working with business and private customers experience

language barriers

- Language skills: English must be fluent

- Friendliness, self-motivation

- Knowledge of standard computer navigation and programs such as Internet browsers and Microsoft

Office suite is required with average typing speed.

Students ideally from business studies, economics and similar courses. Previous computer courses will be a

benefit. Previous computer courses will be a benefit.

You are:

✔ ready to work in a team and take responsibility for his own actions

✔ passionate about languages

✔ a person who can do one task at a time to provide the best quality of performance

✔ always willing to self-develop, discover something new and never stop learning

✔ honest and open-minded for sharing your knowledge and experience

Contract Type

Duration: 5+ months

Type: Full Time

Days per week: 5 (Monday - Friday)

Office working hours: 09:00 - 18:00

Working hours: 40 hours / week

Possible Locations

Cork office: 7 South Mall, Cork, Ireland

Limerick office: 18 Mallow Street Upper, Limerick, Ireland

Dun Laoghaire office: 99 Upper George’s Street, Dun Laoghaire, Co Dublin, Ireland

Application process

Please apply only in case you meet all the requirements:

- Strong background within the field - sufficient work experience

- Possibility to do the internship for minimum of 5 months

- Fluent English (C1)

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Job Responsibilities

Core responsibilities:

An Intern will gain practical experience in:

- sales, cold calling, telesales, contact prospecting, meetings, preparing sales material, emailing,

working with crm, credit control,

- contacting clients due payment,

- preparing quotes and invoices and sending them to clients,

- preparing reports for supervisors,

- handling customers queries and phone calls,

- managing orders, records keeping.

On the side of your main duty you will have an opportunity to work on bookkeeping and entry of expenses for

the company, localising websites and various Internet related tasks.: posting articles, renewing links, updating

content online, ad publishing etc.

This can be applied for future jobs such as office administration, localisation, project management and other

not limited to the sales sector. The Intern will gain professional experience in staff management and direct

sales, customer service, improve communication skills, presentation, reporting etc. We will provide the

following training: using office equipment and software, communication guidelines when dealing with

customers, writing business letters and emails.