What is Consecutive Interpreting?

Consecutive interpreting

In consecutive interpreting the interpreter begins only when the speaker has finished the speech.

Consecutive interpreting is when the interpreter listens to the source-language speaker and after a sentence or a part of the speech reproduces the speech in the target language for the audience.

Typically, in consecutive interpreting during a speech the translator stands next to the caller. When the speaker finishes a speech, or has a break in their speech, the interpreter reproduces the statement in the target language as a whole and in such manner as if they delivered it.

Consecutive interpretation differs from liaison interpreting only in the length of the fragments to be translated. In consecutive interpreting the speaker may speak without interruption, even for five minutes. To store the contents of five-minute speech by the speaker, interpreters often use a special system of notes, consisting of symbols representing words – keys and characters such as: consistency, negation, emphasis, entailment, etc. In this system, an interpreter is not to memorise words, but to recreate the meaning of the information from the speaker.

TRANSLIT can provide consecutive interpreting for a very wide range in a variety of situations such as: medical appointments, local authority tenant discussions, confidential hearings, meetings with solicitor, visits in Social welfare or Revenue Offices, company sales meetings, business presentations and annual summary meetings.

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