History of localisation
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In-House to International: A Brief History of Localisation

In order to succeed, business’ today need to implement new and innovative strategies when trying to expand into the fast-paced global marketplace. A tactic that has been proven to be very successful is localisation. It is the second phase of a larger process of product translation and cultural adaptation known as internationalisation and localisation. Internationalisation and […]

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All-Ireland Business Summit

On Thursday the 6th of April  TRANSLIT attended the All-Ireland Business Summit at Croke Park, Co. Dublin (as mentioned in their blog: found here). This event offered a lot of new opportunities and connections for TRANSLIT. Our team spent the day networking with Ireland’s premium businesses while creating new connections with potential clients & customers, partners […]

movie remake
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Adapting Foreign Films: A Lack of Creativity or a Complete Necessity

Hollywood has a really bad habit of remaking films from the past. From 2016-2020 there are plans to either remake or reboot 136 films. The spectrum of these films range from a remake of the 1930’s classic “All Quiet of the Western Front”, to a remake of the 80’s television series “Baywatch”.  These films only […]

Threats language
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Trump, Twitter and the Threats Facing Language Today

We have mentioned the importance of language many times on this blog. We have spoken about how the relationship between language and thought is so intricate and complex that you cannot conceivably have one without the other and we have also discussed how music and language are one in the same. However, in this blog […]

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Setlr –A Successor or Parallel of Google Translate?

With the introduction of the internet, everything has been made a lot more accessible. Before it if you wanted to get a brand-new pair of shoes, you would have to walk to a shoe shop, compare and contrast shoes, and then after you purchase your premium pair you put them in a bag and walk […]

Dictation tool

What is the Best Dictation Tool? And Is It Worth Paying For?

The idea of commanding a machine with your voice has been a dream for many ever since the concept had been introduced into science fiction in the 1950s/1960s. A door that opens with just a single word, a radio that’ll play whatever you tell it; this immense control with just your voice was the subject […]

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13 Most Common Grammar Mistakes That You Should Avoid at All Costs

I think writing is wonderful. It is a fantastic tool to express complex ideas, thoughts and emotions to each other. But with writing, there comes grammar. The nitty-gritty rules you must follow while writing. I find learning about these rules rather tedious simply because of the sheer quantity of them. Sometimes you might even forget […]

5 tips for multilingual marketing
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5 Tips for Multinational Marketing: Expand Your Corporate Horizons

Nowadays, we are all aware of the importance of Content Marketing and the benefits from its use. It can coax in new clients while helping you keep your relationships with your the ones you still have. Building a content marketing campaign is not an easy case though, especially when it is aimed at an international […]


Relationship Between Language and Thought

We are all aware that language is not only essential to specialised disciplines such as linguistics and translation but is, in all its forms, at the core of human experience and civilisation. It is such an integral, natural part of our cultures and social lives that it may be worth stopping for a minute, not […]

bilingual children

Raising Bilingual Children

The world we live in is getting somewhat smaller globally. As a result, culturally mixed families are increasingly common, as well as people starting a family abroad. This trend implies that many children are being raised as bilinguals or even tri-linguals sometimes! It is estimated that there are as many bilingual children as monolingual ones […]

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