Human Translation vs Computer Translation
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The Value of Professional Human Translation and Why it is Worth the Cost.

Unless you have either professionally translated something or have experience in the translation filed, you might not know the cost of translation. It can be a surprisingly expensive service which has led to the rise in popularity of free online translation tools. As a result of this popularity, there has been a constant debate about […]

Localisation of brands
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The Five Best Examples of Localisation: What Do Big Brands Do?

Localisation is the key to establishing a global identity. When you sell a product to another market, you want it to resonate with the intended audience. Localisation is how you cause that resonance. But what is it? Localisation is a process of adapting a product or service from one specific locale or market to meet […]

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The 6 official UN languages and the best translation tools for them.

We all know the origins of the United Nations. Founded after World War II this international organisation’s goals were to replace its predecessor, The League of Nations and provide a platform for dialogue among its now 193 member nations. However, the current aims of the UN are to promote security and international law, protect human […]

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The surprising effects Brexit will have on the English language

There has been much speculation recently about the effects Brexit will have on both Ireland and the rest of Europe. I won’t get too deeply into the financial aspects of the UK leaving but simply put, it will complicate things. The United Kingdom will have to re-negotiate all the trade agreements they had with the […]

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How to Translate Your Marketing Materials

When you want to inform a market about the goods or services you offer, you give them any way to see your brand. Brochures, flyers and posters are all marketing materials you utilise to inform the market. But what do you do when your market is located internationally? What if it is located in a […]

Language Learning rosetta-learning-speed
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What Effect has Rosetta Stone had on Language Learning?

As we all know language is extremely important. Languages help us communicate our thoughts and feelings and aids us with forming bonds with other people. However, in today’s fast moving and globalised world, it is now essential to learn new languages. This is due to business, entertainment and social media all becoming more internationalised and […]

Hedging for Brexit
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Hedging for Brexit – targeting Non-UK export markets

It’s time for you to go beyond Ireland! TRANSLIT hosted an event that will help businesses adapt and strive after Brexit. This event took place on Thursday the 1st of June 2017, from 7:30 am to 9:30 am at the Bank of Ireland Workbench, 70 Patrick Street, City Centre, Co. Cork. Questions you should ask yourself. […]

bizexpo 2017
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TRANSLIT’s successful exhibition at BizExpo 2017

On 26th of April, TRANSLIT attended the BizExpo 2017 at Citywest Convention Centre in Saggart, Co. Dublin. It was an absolute delight to see over 1,000 entrepreneurial spirits buzzing around. This event gave us an opportunity to showcase our business to the greater Irish market, as well as gifting us a greater insight into digital […]

Procurex Ireland (2)
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Translit exhibits at Procurex Ireland 2017

Procurex Ireland 2017 – a quick summary On April 25th TRANSLIT exhibited at Procurex Ireland 2017 at the RDS Exhibition Centre, Dublin. We were delighted to attend as this event would give us a chance to showcase our company’s services directly to Ireland’s buying community. The event will also help us understand the future of […]

Video Games Localisation
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The Problems and Profit of Video Game Localisation

The video games industry is a huge market when it comes to localisation, and like many industries it has a scope that goes beyond the western market. When someone mentions video games Western triple A titles such as Call of Duty, Halo and Assassins Creed all come to mind. Even though these are Western triple […]

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