Sign Language Alphabet

Can you sing in or know sign language?

It exists in over 20 different sign languages in the world: Irish Sign Language (ISL), English Sign Language (ESL), American Sign Language (ASL), French Sign Language (LSF), Spanish Sign Language (LSE), Italian Sign Language (LIS), etc. There are approximately 3,000 deaf people using ISL in Ireland and 35,000 people who use it on a daily […]


3 spelling mistakes that you should stop doing right now

Language allowed our ancestors communicate for thousands of years. Without language there would no tribes, countries, societies. But sometimes even hundreds of years in evolution, cannot save us from the regression caused by lack of reading and resulting ignorance, I am sure you would agree that spelling mistakes are way too common. A myriad of […]

ISO 17100 and 9001 Certificate

TRANSLIT got ISO 9001:2015 and 17100:2015 certified

What ISO certifications mean for us and for our customers Here at Translit we are ISO certified. For us ISO 9001 and ISO 17100 means that we are working well. Our team is cohesive and tenacious and we have been able to improve our way of working and performance of the company. But what does it mean […]

Translit Team Stand
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TRANSLIT At Food & Drink Conference & Exhibition 2017

Food & Drink Conference & Exhibition TRANSLIT exhibited at Food and Drink Conference at Citywest Exhibition Centre, Dublin on September 13th. This was the second year for us to be back. The Food and Drink Conference was a large event. It gathered a lot of food and beverage processing, retail and services providers. It also […]

Language of Customer Experience
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Speaking The Language of Customer Experience

Language of customer experience What do you normally do when you order a pizza, and delivery is delayed? What would be your first action when your train gets cancelled? Have you experienced receiving a package shipped from other country but it does not belong to you? What would you do? The first thing I would probably […]

Body Language
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Body language and gestures across the world

Are you studying foreign languages? Do you work in an international context? Are you travelling in a foreign country? Do you know the body language and gestures for different cultures around the world? Communication is a mix between verbal and nonverbal communication which occurs simultaneously. But, non-verbal communication is more impactful than verbal communication. It […]

Map of Ireland
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What Languages will be spoken in Ireland in 20 years?

Ireland is fast becoming a racially diverse country as more and more immigrants are choosing to settle down here. With the recent release of the 2016 Census we now know that the amount of immigrants coming into Ireland has increased. This is partly due to the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union. As […]

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Hiring a freelance interpreter, what you need to know.

As a company grows globally, its language related requirements also increase. The most common types of interpreting for a business, for example, would be conference interpreting. This is when a company hold meetings or conferences that need a multilingual interpreter to convey the message in a target language. For international companies, hiring interpreters who are […]

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Do you have what it takes to become an Interpreter?

Do you speak more than one language? Are you bilingual? Do you want to start a new career? If the answer is yes for all the above questions, then you might have the perfect profile for this career. But are you good enough to become an interpreter? See below the main characteristics and what’s required […]

Freelance Interpreters Great Seal Of New York
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Interpreting the Future of Freelance Interpreters

Freelance interpreters do majority of translation or interpreting work. This may surprise you to learn about this, but if you are not in the translation field you might not know about it. The backbone of the translation industry are freelancers. If they were not there nothing would get done. Freelancers are imperative in the translation […]

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