Catalan Flag

Five reasons why Catalan and Spanish language are different.

 Catalan and Spanish Languages Being a part of a country doesn’t necessarily mean to feel part of it. This seems to be what is happening in Spain…well, in Catalonia precisely, just not to upset anyone! Catalonia, in fact, has an ancient and complicated history. What has recently happened about the referendum for the independence was […]


What Is Your Ideal Artificial Language?

Artificial Language. A short Reminder Artificial languages are languages whose phonology, grammar and vocabulary have been entirely created by an individual or a group of people instead of having naturally evolved over time in a civilisation. But why would people invent a new language? Will you ask? There are more reasons than we expect. These […]

wrestling fight

Fight of the Translation!

A lot of times, people tend to say that the work of a translator is not so difficult. “They only need to transfer a message, a text or a document in another language”! Well, it doesn’t work that way, everything we write in our own language, if translated literally in another language, would not have the […]

women voice dubbing

The use of dubbing, voice-over And subtitles all around the world

Have you ever seen Woody Allen talking in German fluently? Or Robert De Niro joking in Chinese? Actors can “speak” more languages than they are really able to. This is thanks to the techniques used to translate film dialogues into foreign languages. One in particular is dubbing. This technique allows people from almost everywhere in […]

polyglot languages

10 tips to become … a polyglot!

Kató Lomb (1909-2003) was a Hungarian translator and one of the first simultaneous interpreters in the world. She was able to fluently interpret in more than one language (10 to be exact) and could translate technical literature in 6 languages. Altogether, she was able to work with 16 languages, most of them she learned herself without […]

English Knight in his armour

Story of English and language change

We may remember this topic from school but looking back over it cannot do any harm. Lets look at some of the most important dates in the evolution of the English language and nation in general. HISTORY 449 –  Anglo-Saxon tribes invaded Britain (before-Roman influence on original inhabitants Celts). The early influence of Latin upon English […]

studying abroad

Studying Abroad – The Pros and the Cons

The myth of studying abroad, isn’t it almost a cliché nowadays? Many students who finish secondary school in Europe dream to broaden their horizons by going abroad. Getting to know new cultures and ways of thinking, finding themselves with people who may become friends for the rest of their lives. These students have great aims […]

Directors Documentaries Chair

List of documentaries about translators and interpreters

Are you a big fan of documentaries? For me, documentaries are a magical process where a filmmaker delivers his or her expression and ideas through the camera and represent the real life to us in a way they see it. If you are very fond of every kind of documentary as I am, or you are […]

merger sign

Merger with translit

A Merger With Translit. Welcome to the new and improved Instant Translation Blog. It’s been a while since we added content to this space. In that time we have decided to revamp and update our blog. You can now expect interesting and useful articles every week. We have news about a merger with a new […]


Customer Care: When contact centres consist in Raw Machine Translation

Nowadays, since the market has grown globally, companies have acquired customers from all over the world. These customers speak a large number of different languages. In this article we analyse how companies face the problem of dealing with multilingual customer care. We will also look at the taking advantage of machine translation. We will also give […]

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