All-Ireland Business Summit

All – Ireland Business Summit 2018

This event is one of the most significant gatherings of its kind. It has played host to the most prominent entrepreneurs in the country. We are delighted to have been invited to participate once more. We are always excited to meet our existing customers as well as start new relationships and learn more what way […]

Interpreting Fails

Funny…or not so funny! Interpreting epic fails that can change the world

Bad Language Interpretation “Nobody is going to notice my mistake”. This is a frequent thought when we are chatting in a language we are not fluent in. Obviously, this rule doesn’t apply in interpreting jobs. Someone could think “don’t be too rigid! – a small mistake never killed anyone”. Maybe not, but close. You probably […]

Central Perk Business Shop

Short steps to running a successful business in Spain

Running A Business in Spain Last night, Marina was at her home in Seville, SPAIN. She turned on the TV and watched the last episode (again) of her favourite TV series of all time, FRIENDS. Feeling more nostalgic than ever, in a sudden fit of enthusiasm, she feels determined to recreate Central Perk. She finds […]

Quality Interpreter Tick


Interpreting We will need an interpreter at some point in our lives, and it has better be a good one. When I was 15 years old I played the role of interpreter without even knowing. The story took place at a hardware store. A British client wanted a sink cap but the owner couldn’t understand […]


Bilingual – The benefits of being one

Being Bilingual. In 2016, according to a survey from the, more than three-quarters of Irish people cannot speak a foreign language. This is in comparison to Luxembourg only 1.1%, Austrian 21.9% or Italian 40.1%. In an international context, being bilingual is really helpful in many situations on a daily life basis. The communication becomes […]

psychology of the brain

10 Language Psychology and Sociolinguistic Facts and theories

Psychology and Sociolinguistics There have been numerous studies throughout history delving into the possible links between psychology and linguistics. The majority have found psychology and languages to be wholly different entities. Nevertheless, there has been phenomena within languages that have a firm psychological basis. This can also be seen within the cultures of the countries […]

Sleeping on your Holidays

6-month holiday to celebrate bank holidays all over the world

Bank Holidays all over the world. If you are a couch potato, this is probably not the right article for you. If you don’t like travelling and discovering the world, maybe you won’t find this column interesting. Or perhaps not. Perhaps your best attitude is to lie on the sofa, but you are a dreamer […]

Catalan Flag

Five reasons why Catalan and Spanish language are different.

 Catalan and Spanish Languages Being a part of a country doesn’t necessarily mean to feel part of it. This seems to be what is happening in Spain…well, in Catalonia precisely, just not to upset anyone! Catalonia, in fact, has an ancient and complicated history. What has recently happened about the referendum for the independence was […]


What Is Your Ideal Artificial Language?

Artificial Language. A short Reminder Artificial languages are languages whose phonology, grammar and vocabulary have been entirely created by an individual or a group of people instead of having naturally evolved over time in a civilisation. But why would people invent a new language? Will you ask? There are more reasons than we expect. These […]

wrestling fight

Fight of the Translation!

A lot of times, people tend to say that the work of a translator is not so difficult. “They only need to transfer a message, a text or a document in another language”! Well, it doesn’t work that way, everything we write in our own language, if translated literally in another language, would not have the […]

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