What is Application Localisation?

Application localisation

Application Localisation is fundamental in order to increase sales in international markets. Delivering your iPhone, Android or website App to a global audience is easy and advantageous. It’s a strategy that more and more developers are turning to. You may experience an increase in your app’s downloads if you localise it properly. But localising your application into another language does not only involve translating the content to make it understandable for another audience, it is also essential to adapt it so that the target audience feels comfortable and “at home” while browsing through your services.



Application localisation



If You Need Application Localisation For Your Product, Just Send Us The Text To Be Localised In Any Of The Following Formats:

  • HTML
  • XML
  • PHP
  • VB
  • Java
  • Flash

Don’t forget to include screenshots or demos of how the App or game will look. TRANSLIT will gather a team of professional translators to craft and create a localised version of your content that will grab attention and engage the user.

Our professional translators will re-create the atmosphere of the game or App so that users can fully enjoy and experience what your team have developed – this is what application localisation is all about!  As a company, we currently work with almost 200 translators and interpreters from all over the world thereby assuring translation into over 70 languages at a native level.


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